Testing and quality management

Elkome Software manufactures customer specifically tailored testing software for production quality management. We have implemented hundreds of systems for different sectors of industry. Using our test systems our customers have improved the quality of their products and made their production process more effective.

Product testing automation

High quality and effective production requires an automated testing process. The final testing of a product needs to be quick and efficient. Testing should not form a bottleneck in production, but on the other hand tests need to be sufficient for ensuring safety and quality. Automatic product testing ensures quick and effective operations. Automatic testing carried out by a machine produces even quality and is not affected by the tester’s mood or tiredness. Results are always reliable and comparable.

Product version management and traceability

In many sectors is it important to manage and trace the path of products from the factory to the end user and eventually to recycling. Saving batch and serial numbers in a database enables traceability. Parts and components used in product manufacturing can be registered in a database during manufacturing. Also different quality assurance measurements and test results on components and the end product can be saved in the database together with product data. If faults or problems are later found in a product, it is easy to check whether everything in the manufacturing process went correctly and whether the used components included faulty product batches.

Eltest – easy to use testing software

Eltest is a software platform for testing created by Elkome. Eltest is a simple and flexible software allowing the customer to make their own test sequences. New product versions or fixes and changes made to the manufactured product require a change also to the test sequence. Needed changes can be made easily and testing can be automated with the Eltest software.

System integration

Testing systems are usually integrated as part of the customer’s own production management and order processing system. Data of the manufactured product and its options is received from the production management system. When the product is ready, final testing is carried out on it. The testing software relays information on the test result and final product back to the ERP system. Integrating test systems to the customer’s ERP system ensures that needed product and quality information can be used wherever it is needed.