Remote measuring and remote monitoring

We deliver remote measuring and monitoring solutions for the needs of industry and retail. Remote measuring makes it easier to collect information from geographically distributed targets. Remote monitoring supports maintenance and repair by offering a web or mobile based interface to the monitored target.

Distributed remote data collection

Distributed remote measuring and data collection can be carried out using internet and mobile networks. Data collection units are located near the target of monitoring. They send gathered information automatically to the data collection server. Measuring results can be collected from all around the world into a shared database and analysed with a web browser. Devices and processes can be also controlled through the browser if needed.

Starting remote data collection is easy and fast using solutions supplied by Elkome. Data collection starts immediately after the data collection units have been physically installed and connected. A database and browser based analysis software is included in the price of the system.

Data collection servers

Measuring results sent by remote data collection units are saved on the data collection server. There is an in-built connection to the data collection server, so the user does not have to worry about difficult routings or data security issues. The data collection server is a safe solution for saving measuring data, and it enables transferring results automatically also to other information systems and analysis tools.

Monitoring and analyzing measured data in a web browser

A browser based user interface enables using the application from any workstation that is connected to the internet. Measured data can also be accessed from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. All of the system’s measurement settings can be made via the web user interface. There are graphics elements for result reporting such as meters, number screens, trend graphs and bar displays.  User groups with different rights in terms of making settings and reporting can be created in the system.

Mobile application for fast and easy monitoring

An application made for a mobile device is an easier option for the user than a browser based system. You can use a mobile application anytime and anywhere, It does not require you to have additional devices to access the system, just a smartphone. We have implemented customer specific mobile systems and integrated them as part of the remote data collection and monitoring system.