Production efficiency

We engineer and manufacture software solutions for managing quality and boosting production. Our expertise enables you to improve the quality of your product and operate more efficiently and competitively.

Effectiveness indicators (OEE)

Boosting production requires identifying the parts of the production process and their effectiveness figures. Production can seemingly run smoothly, but closer monitoring of individual production machines or workstations reveals possible bottlenecks hampering total effectiveness. Only with unambiguous effectiveness indicators we can compare the situation of each part process to the optimal situation.

Elkome manufactures software and systems used to measure and monitor the effectiveness of production machines and processes. We can deliver the whole system as a turnkey delivery containing sensors, measuring devices, software and a database.

Automatic production machine monitoring

In order to define the effectiveness of a production machine, its running and idle times need to be measured. Automatic measuring guarantees that the indicators are correct and not affected by any human errors or assumptions. Elkome’s OEE software solutions allow you to monitor the actual effectiveness of each of your production machines or workstations. Using reliable information you can plan efficiency measures and make production more effective without new machine and device investments.

Minimising idle time

Mobile_App_TransElkome’s EKA! maintenance request system minimises the stoppage time of a production machine in problem situations. In the event of a device fault, the system automatically sends a maintenance request to the mobile phone of maintenance staff. Sending a maintenance request can also be done manually by the user of the machine. Maintenance staff receive the request on their mobile phone, and the soonest available person acknowledges the task as received. The EKA! system relays requests quickly to maintenance, who react to it without delay.