Information and advertising solutions

We supply information and advertising systems for the communication needs of public spaces and retail. Thanks to our solutions, the attention of the target group is directed to the message, and due to the interactive nature of the system the customer can tailor the content according to their interests.

Interactive guides and customer service


We design and manufacture interactive guide and customer service systems. Our solutions allow you to make your customer service more effective and free up the resources of your own staff for core tasks.

  • Registration and booking appointments
  • Schedules
  • Maps and route guides


Advertising solutions


Our advertising solutions allow you to boost your product sales and improve the image of your brand. We supply systems for the needs of retail and business communications. In addition to traditional advertising screens, we develop additional services such as positioning and mobile applications that increase the content of your advertising campaign.

  • Shelf and department screens
  • Advertising towers and wall screens
  • Content offering based on identification