System integration

We implement system integrations between different software. Our integration projects include automation, production and production management, storage management, financial management and electronic marketing and online store systems. We have good knowledge of different databases, software interfaces and reporting systems.

Software integration

Our customers use several different software to boost the effectiveness of their production and production management. Software is usually made for a certain function, and this causes problems in real-time data transfer between different systems. We help our customers to make their operations more efficient and integrate systems to relay important information in terms of operations between different software. We have carried out system integrations in several different fields:

  • Production management
  • Storage management and logistics
  • Reporting
  • Mobile software
  • Electronic marketing and online stores
  • Financial management and banking systems


Automation systems

We are experts in field buses and have good knowledge of interfaces to the programmable logics of different manufacturers. We have implemented OPC software for different automation devices and built data transfer and communication connections between different systems. We have also implemented SCADA and HMI software for different fields of industry, such as condition monitoring of pharmaceutical factories.

Databases and reporting

We are well versed in SQL databases and how to use them as part of an efficient software. We are experts in industry communication interfaces and understand the requirements on software and systems set by manufacturing and production processes. We can integrate different systems into one entity, allowing our customers to have product traceability, more efficient production and better quality control and competitiveness.

Saved information is of no use unless it is analysed and used to support development. There are many ways and tools to do reporting. We have drawn up reports with e.g. Crystal Reports and Microsoft Reporting Service tools.