Engineering and consultation

We offer engineering and consultation services for software project specification and implementation. Needs assessment and requirement specification set out and document the key features and requirements of the system. Further evaluation then drafts the operations of the new system and looks at different implementation options.

Since 1986 Elkome has implemented hundreds of software projects for different fields of industry. The range of systems we have delivered is wide. Using our systems our customers have increased their production, improved the quality of their products and made their operations more effective. We are happy to take responsibility for delivering the whole system, ensuring that the system works as agreed.

Needs assessment and requirement specification

Implementation is always preceded by specification and engineering. We help the customer with system specification, technical engineering and project budgeting. Working together with the customer, we can draw up a needs assessment and requirement specification for the planned system. Documented specification enables making reliable estimations about the workload needed to implement the system and requesting offers from different suppliers.

The customer’s ideas and wishes often become clearer at the specification stage as they have to be analysed and documented. It is a good idea to include end users in the specification work as it strengthens their commitment and motivation. Deployment is also easier and more efficient when users have taken part in planning it.


Evaluation continues from where assessment and requirement specification ended. The structure of the system and operations of the software are often drafted at the evaluation stage. This can include images of the planned operational logic, interfaces of the system and reports. In the case of a software project that entails measuring or testing devices, the evaluation can comment on device choices and interfaces. A well-made evaluation forms the foundation of implementation as the project is started.

Tendering out a system is easy when you have a carefully drawn up and documented specification. Good documentation reduces unnecessary queries and the risk of misunderstandings. Comparing tenders is easier when the bidders have drawn them up based on consistent information.

Over the years Elkome has carried out numerous evaluation and specification tasks. We can offer specification work at a competitive fixed price.