Software development

We engineer and create customer specific software. We can take responsibility for implementing the whole project from engineering to programming and deployment. If needed, we can also support our customers as an extra resource in their own software projects.

During our long history we have taken part in developing hundreds of systems. We have developed testing system for e.g. child safety seats and electrical and jet engines and manufactured software for Loviisa and Olkiluoto nuclear power plants.

Customer specific software projects

We engineer and manufacture software for the special needs of our customers. If you are looking for help in engineering and programming a tailored application, Elkome is a software project implementation partner. We can help you draw up the requirement specification and implement the software. As a result of a successful software project you will receive a solution that meets your needs cost-effectively and in the planned project schedule. We can also take care of maintenance and further development of the implemented system for your future needs.

Mobile applications


A mobile application allows the user to have a real-time connection to the system from their own smartphone. An application made for a mobile device is an easier option for the user than a browser based system. You can use a mobile application anytime and anywhere, and will not need any additional devices to access the system, just a smartphone. We have implemented mobile systems for different device platforms, such as Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

Programming subcontracting

Elkome’s professional project managers and software engineers are at your service, also in implementing your own software project. If you need extra resources for project management, engineering or practical programming, Elkome is your partner in the successful implementation of your project. We have implemented hundreds of software projects, so you can rely on our expertise.

Windows expertise and tools

We are a Microsoft partner and specialise in software development and databases.


Everyday tools in Windows programming are C++ and C#. In addition, we have implemented projects using the Qt, VB and Java tools. We are also experts in UnrealScript, ActionScript, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Visual Studio and .Net Framework environments,

and have good knowledge of Microsoft software products such as Windows operating systems, servers and Office products. In terms of databases, we are proficient in Microsoft SQL databases, and have knowledge of mySQL and other database software. Our information engineering competence is wide, and we also have expertise in terms of devices and networks.

Labview and TestStand

We manufacture measuring and testing software using LabView and TestStand software. Using LabView, we have implemented applications from simple software containing a few measuring channels to demanding testers used by the defense forces. In addition to application engineering we offer our customers a comprehensive support and training service for using and maintaining applications. We have used LabView and TestStand software since their first versions, and are thus familiar with the strengths and limitations of these tools.