Network management and remote connections

We design and implement fault tolerant LAN and WLAN solutions for industry. Remote connections to and remote monitoring of production machines and lines form a vital part of network management.

LAN and WLAN implementation

We design and build network solutions that meet the requirements of our customers’ office and industry environment. Our deliveries are based on data security and reliability even in critical production systems. We are experts in network management and fault tolerant redundant network structures. Depending on needs, we can implement systems either with copper or fibre cabling or using wireless technologies. We also have competence in mobile network data transfer solutions.

Remote support and remote management

Efficient use of production lines and machines requires fast reaction in error and fault situations. It is not always possible to have on-call staff on-site. Remote management and remote maintenance is a cost-effective solution for system monitoring and correcting fault situations. Remote management allows a device and system supplier to provide better and more cost-efficient customer service. It also opens up new business opportunities. The end user will benefit from faster response times and cheaper costs.