IT maintenance

We offer maintenance services for industry IT systems. We take care of lifecycle management of computers and peripheral devices used in the office and production and can manage usability and maintenance of application software.

IT device lifecycle management

Elkome supplies to its customers IT devices suitable for office and production environments. We are familiar with products of different manufacturers and can choose the most suitable device solutions for the needs of the customer. Investing in a new device base is not always the most sensible and financially sound option, which is why we also offer financing and leasing services. We guarantee that you will always have an appropriate device base in terms of performance and cost efficiency. We can take care of recycling and disposing of old devices in a data secure way.

Production system maintenance

We can maintain the software and systems that we supply to customers, taking responsibility for their usability and technical support. Together with our customers we further develop systems and ensure they correspond to changing needs.

We have knowledge of different SCADA and HMI software and can help our customers in their maintenance and application development. We are experts in communication interfaces and data transfer protocols of devices. We have carried out several projects where we have connected different systems to form one integrated system.

Office software maintenance

If you need support in maintenance and user training related to office software, you can turn to us. We are experts in Microsoft Office tools and help our customers to use them. We are also proficient in Microsoft SharePoint, which we can use as a base for building an application tailored to your needs. We have implemented e.g. SharePoint based websites, document management systems and Intranet pages.