Production machine efficiency monitoring and reporting system

Elkome delivered a web reporting system to NMC Termonova for monitoring the efficiency of cellular plastic manufacturing. The system gathers running data from production machines automatically and reports the efficiency figures in real-time, improving the overall efficiency of production.

Efficiency monitoring and web reporting system

NMC Termonova gathers running and stoppage time of production machines with an efficiency monitoring system delivered by Elkome. The system automatically gathers data of the real-time running statuses of production machines. Reporting was implemented with a browser based reporting application.

Data collection with distributed Ethernet-IO

Status data of production machines are read with Ethernet-connected Digital-I/O data collection units, which communicate with the Elkome OEE data collection and reporting software using a Modbus TCP/IP protocol.

Browser based reporting

The browser based reporting software provides device specific efficiency figures at the shift, day and month level. Reports can be fine-tuned in terms of working times and work shifts. Figures can be saved in Excel format for further processing.