Eltest makes production testing easy

Eltest is a software platform for test systems created by Elkome. The software was originally designed together with ABB Drives as an easy to use and effective testing program.

Adaptable test sequences

The aim was to have a clear and flexible program that allows the customer to make their own test sequences. Most measuring and testing software on the market require the user to have device and programming competence. However, customers want to focus on their own core competence rather than on building and programming testing systems. Eltest is targeted at this user group.


Eltest allows building needed test sequences easily and quickly. Programming competence is not needed. Test sequences can be saved on a computer, and the wanted sequence is launched automatically based on the product’s serial number or it can be downloaded and launched manually. The product’s serial number is read with a bar code reader or entered manually.

User right management

Eltest has two user levels: user and admin. Tests are normally carried out completely automatically, and they are launched immediately after reading the bar code. Test steps are run through automatically. Limit values are read from the database or they can be given on test rows. The software compares the measured results to the limit values and rejects or approves the test result. All test results are saved in a database for monitoring and reporting.

In the Admin mode the user can add or remove test steps and edit single rows. A sequence can also be launched from any row and stopped in the wanted place. Named logical entities can be formed from single test steps. Due to these features, adapting tests and retrieving limit values for a new product is easy. When a test sequence works as wanted, it can be named and saved on a computer among other sequences.

Editing test sequences

If the contract manufacturer faces problems in testing, the tester can send the test steps or part of them to be investigated by a testing expert. Test steps can easily be adapted e.g. in Excel and the adapted sequence sent back to the testing place. Extra software licenses or Runtime libraries are not needed.

Eltest is a Microsoft certified Windows 7 compatible product.