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Saving and reporting system for component data

Elkome engineered and implemented browser based quality management software for Katsa for testing toothed gears and gearboxes. The system saves product specific measuring data in a quality database. Each employee can access the data from their own workstation.Read more

The water supply service of Forssa

Automatic remote data collection and reporting system for water consumption

Elkome delivered a remote water consumption monitoring system to the water supply service of the City of Forssa. The remote data collection units were installed in water gauge wells into which current supply was organised by solar panels. The data collection units send monitoring data automatically via a GPRS connection to a data collection server, from which the customer can follow consumption data and receive alarms.Read more


Automatic electrical safety testing

Teknoware's new automatic electrical safety testing speeds up and simplifies testing of lighting fixtures. The test system provides a visual user interface for choosing and adapting tests. The system also has a database interface for validation reports.Read more